Rick Power

Search Engine Optimisation & Conversion Rate Optimisation Specialist.

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  • Oracle Legal Ltd

    SEO Work

    Over the past 4 years, I've worked with Oracle Legal Ltd. SEO techniques have been applied in order to be seen and show up across the different search engines and various keywords/search phrases related to PPI. The goal has been to generate PPI leads through the use of SEO, delivering low cost per lead business. This has been achieved and allowed the company to grow year on year.

  • Emmalene Sophia – Makeup Artist

    SEO Work

    I have consulted with Emmalene over the last 2 years to expand her business online and with a goal of ranking well for local search terms in Google's search result pages. Emmalene has hit this goal and can now be found ranking well, typically in the top 3 results for a variety of high traffic keywords.

  • First Steps Nursery School

    SEO Work, Web Design

    First Steps Kindergarten is a comprehensive childcare centre/day nursery for the under-fives, located in Poynton, Cheshire. First Steps saw the importance of having an online presence and wanted to compete with other nursery schools in the local area.

  • Pennington Marketing Ltd

    SEO Work

    Pennington are in the personal injury claims business. I've worked with the company over the last three years to increase their search engine presence and as a result, they have seen business through online inquiries almost triple. The goal here has been to generate online personal injury claim leads through a network of websites, targeting several related keywords.

  • Precious Wedding Invitations

    SEO Work

    Precious Invitations are specialists in creating personalised wedding stationary. They wanted to compete online in a very competitive marketplace. I have worked with the company to improve on-page and off-page SEO.

  • Avocet Steel Limited

    SEO Work, Web Design

    This family business that was established in 1996 are exclusive UK agents for some of the world finest manufacturers of precision strip. Similar to their partners NickelAlloySpecialist, they wanted to improve their search engine rankings and attract more business through the web.

  • Motosuits UK

    CRO Work, SEO Work, Web Design

    Motosuits UK are experts in custom leather moto suits. As they looked to launch their online presence, Motosuits UK needed a clean looking website that showcased their products. Still a work in progress, we have managed to build on earlier versions and mockups of the website to achieve a clean looking, professional design.

  • PPI Claims Online

    CRO Work, SEO Work

    I've worked with PPIClaimsOnline for 5 months now on both Search Engine Optimisation and improving their conversion cartoon porn pics rate using CRO techniques. PPI Claims is a highly competitive market and it has been vital for the company to stand out and produce a successful lead generating website.

  • Nickel Alloy cartoon porn videos Specialist

    SEO Work are a UK based company specialising in the export of high temperature nickel alloy strip and foil for use in the oil and gas, aerospace, power generation and electronic industries. I have been consulting on SEO with the company since November 2012, working on improving search engine rankings with a goal to see an increase in web leads.

  • Houses4Cash

    CRO Work, Web Design wanted to take advantage of their solid SEO work and rankings by improving their Conversion Rate. I consulted on this project and we developed a simple but effective lead genenerating template. This saw immediately increased their Conversion Rate by 10%.

  • Dive Torches UK

    CRO Work, PPC Work, Web propecia online Design

    Dive Torches UK approached me with very clear objectives. They wanted to produce a simple but effective e-commerce website to showcase their products and then increase their rankings for the major search engines to drive traffic to their newly designed website. Within months, #1 rankings were achieved which saw an increase in traffic to the website and an increase in sales.

Services & Skills


SEO porn cartoon (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website in a search engine’s result pages. This process is vital to ensuring your business, product or website has a presence online.

When done correctly, SEO can offer a far greater return on investment than other advertising streams. Low cost results are possible and this technique delivers a solution that makes more sense financially compared to Pay Per Click and Adwords.

Ranking naturally in the organic listings of Google, Bing and many other search engines will give you a definite increase in traffic as well as higher brand credibility. Your competitors will be taking advantage of the benefits that SEO short term loans offers and will be grabbing the traffic that you could be attracting to your own website.


PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is an advertising model used to direct traffic to a website.

Sometimes referred to as paid search advertising, this is the process celebrity porn tapes of paying for sponsored links on search engine’s result pages or ads within a certain platform. The fee you pay is based on either clicks on your advertisement or number of views of your advertisement.

The speed at which you can reach highly-targeted  website traffic is the main advantage to using the PPC method of marketing. Using PPC makes it easy to manage costs, track any conversions from your ads and determinate your ROI.

There are many PPC networks out there, with Google Adwords, Bing Ads platform and Facebook ads being amongst the largest. 


CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) is the practice of increasing the amount of sales or leads on a website.

This is achieved by optimising a website’s conversion rate, meaning more people take action on your webpages and you see an increase in conversion rate.

This scientific process of changing and testing elements on webpages can make your website more effective and can have a big impact on online revenue.

CRO testing involves displaying an existing webpage to a percentage of web traffic, whilst displaying a new variation with a change of on-page elements to another percentage of traffic and discovering which page performs best. CRO relies on traffic so works well along side SEO and PPC techniques.

Main Skill Set

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)Pro
PPC (Pay Per Click)Advanced
Link BuildingAdvanced
Website DevelopmentExpert
CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)Advanced
Online Lead GenerationExpert
Social Media MarketingIntermediate
Organic SearchPro




February 27 2015

I wrote this article last year about mobile-friendliness…. “There’s no direct suggestion cartoon porn that this will impact on rankings however I’d say a site that is displaying correctly on a mobile device is a must in modern day marketing with the[...]

February 12 2015

There’s a new search box that you may have noticed in the search engine result pages. It’s called the Sitelinks Search Box milf porn and it will generally appear on brand and navigation queries such as ‘apple website’, ‘nike’. This new box[...]

November 21 2014

This week Google have released a testing tool for developers to highlight if a page has issues with displaying on a mobile device. You’ll either pass with flying colours or it will return some issues to resolve! There’s no direct[...]

September 26 2014

Google’s 27th Panda update is being rolled out this week and will continue into next week. Further clamp down on poor or ‘thin’ content is taking place and will affect 3%-5% of search queries. It’s been roughly 4 months since[...]

August 28 2014

I read an article on SearchEngineLand this week and found it was one I could relate to. It’s simply not enough to just learn the basics on SEO and expect that knowledge base to see you through Algorithm updates and[...]

August 14 2014

Panda Optimisation


Check out this Whiteboard Friday episode from Moz. Michael Cottam explains what he thinks Google’s latest algo update is looking for and how to optimise your site in-line with these suggestions. Watch the video here:

April 7 2014

Google Zoo


I recently came across this brilliant infographic explaining the different Google algorithm changes/updates. Check it out! Source:

April 3 2014


Thanks for checking out my personal portfolio. I’ll be writing on all things Search Engine Marketing so check back soon! Rick


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SEO Consultant @ Oracle Legal Ltd

September 2009 - essay writer Present

As an SEO Marketing Consultant at Oracle Legal it’s my responsibility to make sure the company’s websites are celebrity sex tapes found in search engine results, ranking strongly and bringing in business via lead generation style websites.

I’m involved in exploring new potential business opportunities, targeting various keywords in the markets that Oracle Legal have placed themselves in. It’s my job to deliver low cost per lead business and make sure the company’s websites contain high quality, rich and relevant copy, with an equally strong backlink profile.

My role also involves managing 400+ domain names within the business and undertaking technical tasks including managing 15+ web hosting accounts. I also manage a team of outsourcers based all over the world providing a number of different skills including copywriting, web design, coding and website development.

Freelance Marketing Consultant

August 2008 - Present

Over the last 6 years I’ve consulted for several businesses, offering Search Engine Optimisation and Conversion Rate Optimisation advice and implementing a plan for each.

I’ve also helped launch new websites within each organisation with both a local and global reach and have assisted in increasing business opportunities across a variety of different markets in the construction, education and financial sectors.

Assistant IT Manager @ TopTriangle Ltd

June 2008 – August 2009

Role as the Assistant IT Manager. Fixing general IT issues, assisting the IT manager and network admin duties.